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Activities of Guangzhou Animation Art 40 Years Achievement Exhibition: Cartoon Image Exhibition of celebrities in Guangzhou Friends Circle

(Summary description)2018.12.16

Activities of Guangzhou Animation Art 40 Years Achievement Exhibition: Cartoon Image Exhibition of celebrities in Guangzhou Friends Circle

(Summary description)2018.12.16



Cartoon Image Exhibition of celebrities in Guangzhou Friends Circle






Guangzhou Library




Guangzhou has issued a "Circle of Friends"! Everyone in the exhibition of celebrities at home and abroad praised it!


At the end of the new year and the New Year, Guangzhou once again ushered in a fun animation exhibition suitable for all ages. Chinese and foreign celebrities from all walks of life "gather together" for the exhibition. Among them are the editor-in-chief of Fortune magazine, which regards Guangzhou as his second hometown. Mu Ruilan; Zhang Xiaolong, the "Father of WeChat" rooted in Guangzhou; Liu Xiang, the world record holder for the 50-meter backstroke in the 18th Asian Games born in Sri Lanka; Huang Qishan, the singer who won the "Top Ten Golden Melody in Guangzhou"; "Pleasant Goat" "Father" Huang Weiming; "The first manga character" Lin Dihuan... Maybe in reality, they have never seen each other, but this exhibition brings them together in a pioneering way!


On the afternoon of December 16th, the "Guangzhou Circle of Friends-Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Comics Exhibition" sponsored by the Guangzhou Animation Artists Association officially opened at the Guangzhou Library. Jin Cheng, chairman of Guangzhou Animation Artists Association, Jiang Yue, deputy dean of Guangdong Academy of Contemporary Art, Cheng Shiqing, editor-in-chief of Guangdong Huacheng Publishing House, Xiong Yifang, co-founder of Yihang Intelligent, and famous painter Sun Ge attended the event. 300 portrait comic lovers and visitors to the exhibition have added warmth to the flower city of Guangzhou.


A veritable "popular art exhibition"


Under the influence of the pioneering spirit of Guangzhou people, Guangzhou has sprung up innovative and entrepreneurial talents in various fields, attracting many elites at home and abroad, and they have jointly promoted the development of Guangzhou and enhanced Guangzhou's international influence. In order to further present Guangzhou’s tolerant, diverse, and creative urban temperament, the Guangzhou Animation Artists Association hosted the "Guangzhou Circle of Friends—Chinese and Foreign Celebrities Comics Exhibition", hoping to let more people pay attention to and understand Guangzhou through the wonderful presentation of portrait comic art. , Remember the touching story of Guangzhou in the development of urban construction. According to the organizer, the theme of this event was "Guangzhou Friendship Circle", and it recruited the "Guangzhou friends who want to paint the most" from the society, and finally received strong support from the general public. Through the unique humor, exaggeration, and vivid artistic style of portrait comics, ten local comics artists vividly presented the cordial, friendly, and down-to-earth aspects of more than a hundred Chinese and foreign celebrities, bringing together the "Guangzhou friends" in the hearts of the citizens. , "Brought to" the eyes of the citizens.


Jin Cheng, chairman of the Guangzhou Animation Artists Association, said in his speech: Animation is a beautiful city card for Guangzhou, and Guangzhou's animation industry leads the country. Portrait manga is a category of animation art, and it is also a world language that crosses national borders. This exhibition received strong support from the portrait and comic artists of the Guangzhou Animation Artists Association, and received enthusiastic responses from the general public. Jincheng hopes that this exhibition will be the beginning, and all walks of life are welcome to build the brand of "Guangzhou Circle of Friends", so that comic art can serve the national exhibition strategy and help the development of the city, so that comics can return to their origins and the people of ordinary people.


Sun Ge, the representative of the creator of portrait comics, said that the reason why he devoted himself to the creation of works in this comic exhibition was because he was attracted by the theme of the exhibition. As a form of artistic creation that is "close to the people", portrait cartoons are "used to make friends." He hopes to narrow the distance between portrait cartoons and citizens through this exhibition, give full play to the humorous, interesting and popular artistic characteristics of portrait cartoons, and promote the further development of portrait cartoons.


Xiong Yifang, the representative of the portrait cartoon winner and the co-founder of Yihang Intelligence, said: It is a happy thing to be selected to be created. Although this event has nothing to do with rankings or evaluation by authoritative institutions, this feeling is "more heartwarming." As the fastest-growing Chinese hardware startup company, Ehang is an excellent representative of local innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou.


"Compare" for art and "like" for Guangzhou


At the exhibition site, people's heartfelt laughter was heard from time to time. It turned out that the organizer deliberately set up an interesting "Haha Mirror" device on site, and every citizen passing by can always be amused by himself in the mirror image. According to the creators of portrait comics, in fact, the creation of portrait comics is similar to the principle of "Haha Mirror". Both portraits are presented to the audience through exaggeration, fun, and humor. Therefore, portrait comic works can always enter the hearts of citizens. The public brings laughter and fun; the exhibition simulation is except for the "Guangzhou Moments" scene. In the “Guangzhou Circle of Friends” photo area, the organizer released a nine-square-shaped circle of friends by “anthropomorphizing” Guangzhou. The audience can form a circle of friends with the other eight interesting portraits by taking a group photo. The audience's craze for taking pictures and clocking in has also deepened the citizens' sense of identity with the city; it is worth mentioning that the organizers also set up an interactive session of "Compare for You". The audience eagerly lined up to receive the love stickers, giving their "love" to their favorite portrait comics. The organizer stated that it will finally select the most popular portrait comics based on the final amount of love in the works. Curator Ye Zhenghua said that he hopes to carry out more series of activities with the theme of "Guangzhou Moments" in the future, to discover more stories between Chinese and foreign celebrities and Guangzhou, so as to convey a common aspiration: It turns out that Guangzhou Moments is so close. So interesting.


The exhibition will last from December 16 to December 27, 2018. The exhibition hall is located in the large exhibition hall on the first floor of the Guangzhou Library and is open to the general public for free. During the exhibition, a series of activities such as "Manga Artist Draws a Portrait for You" and "Animator Guided Tour" will be held. Citizens are welcome to participate.

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