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Jin Cheng Art Seminar about Painting Love

(Summary description)2018.12.5

Jin Cheng Art Seminar about Painting Love

(Summary description)2018.12.5



Jin Cheng Art Seminar about Painting Love




JC Cartoon Art Museum



Takasaki Matsutani, manager of Osamu Tezuka: "Ginjo is the Osamu Tezuka of China!"


The "New Age of Animation-Guangzhou Animation Art 40 Years Achievement Exhibition" co-sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Guangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles was held in Guangzhou Art Museum. The exhibition was held concurrently with the "Golden City Art Works Exhibition". This exhibition brings together more than 100 works such as Jincheng comics, comics, ink and ceramics. It spans 40 years. It is the first solo exhibition of Jincheng's artistic career. It focuses on displaying the fine parts of the author's large number of creations, adding his ideas and artistic ideas. In order to show the appearance of externalization, the audience will be brought into the creative process without knowing it through the four sections of "Lianyue Lianhuan", "Danqing Fanghua", "Jiguang Pianyu", and "Ben and Ink Travel", supplemented by documentary photos and material display. In, narrowing the distance between the artist and the audience.


In order to further study and sort out Jincheng's art works, on December 5, 2018, the "Golden City Art Works Academic Seminar" was held at JC Animation Museum. Zhu Xiaoyi, Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Lanfen, a full-time vice chairman and member of the Party Group of the Guangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Wen Zhaohui, deputy inspector of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, and Television attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Chen Xiaoqin, founder of ArtVision C, Chairman of the Japan Imaging Industry Promotion Agency, Chairman of Tezuka Corporation Takasaki Matsutani, second-generation author of the famous comic "Old Master" Wang Ze, Deputy Director of the Theoretical Committee of the China Artists Association, Guangzhou The director of the Chinese Academy of Modern Art, Liang Jiang, the famous painter Zhan Zhongxiao, and other artists from home and abroad gathered together to explore the imprint of the reform and opening-up era contained in Jincheng's artworks, and taste the unique charm of his works and the influence of the times. Many animation artists have climbed to the top again and created immortal masterpieces belonging to the new era, which will stimulate and demonstrate future artistic creation and talent training.



Many "firsts", leaders of Chinese animation art


As an artist Jincheng who grew up with reform and opening up, Jincheng's literary career has been an important profile of Guangzhou’s literary development in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. Zhu Xiaoyi, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, said: “When you mention Jincheng, you have to mention his many pioneering firsts in promoting the development of Guangzhou, Guangdong and even the country’s animation industry. Jincheng is a combination of Chinese comics and Chinese animation. The first person to unite and put forward the term "Chinese animation"; Jincheng devoted himself to animation in 1978. He did not change his original aspiration, was determined, worked day and night, and worked hard. It has been accompanied by the great process of the country’s 40 years of reform and opening up from beginning to end. The first person in animation that has not stopped; he is the first person in China's animation industry to cross many fields such as art, education, publishing, exhibition, cultural and cultural, social organization, and international exchange; he is also the main leader of national, provincial and municipal animation artist organizations The first person to propose and establish a joint committee of animation artists in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to open up the animation resources of the three places; is the first person to travel across the land of China, to the top international animation exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and to promote The world's first person to tell Chinese stories and promote Chinese animation to the world. Entering a new era, Guangdong animation people represented by Jincheng, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he visited Guangdong, seize opportunities and act actively , Launched a series of exhibitions and activities such as the "New Era of Animation-Guangzhou Animation Art 40 Years Achievement Exhibition". We have reason to believe that Jincheng will definitely present a new atmosphere in the new era to achieve new achievements, and promote the realization of Guangdong Guangzhou animation art creation. The stride from plateau to peak has promoted the continuous emergence of art talents in Guangzhou, Guangdong and even the whole country in terms of talent training."


Takasaki Matsutani, chairman of the Japan Imaging Industry Promotion Agency and chairman of Tezuka Co., Ltd., still remembers that the last time I met with Kinjo was at the launch ceremony of the simplified Chinese version of "Astro Boy". He and Kinjo cut the cake together. , Opened a new page for Sino-Japanese comic cooperation. As the most important manager of the "God of Japanese Manga" Tezuka Osamu's creative career, after learning about the art history of Kaneshiro, Mr. Kaneshiro is very similar to Mr. Tezuka Osamu from Japan, and he has used anime all his life. Promoting international exchanges has greatly enhanced the status of comics. "He is simply China's Tezuka Osamu." Matsutani said, "The status of early manga in Japan is not high, so Mr. Tezuka has been working hard to improve the status of manga. This is what Mr. Kaneshiro has been working hard on. Mr. Osamu Tezuka has attached great importance to international communication throughout his life. He believes that manga and animation transcend national borders. We should do our best to communicate and communicate through manga. Mr. Osamu Tezuka has worked hard to promote manga throughout his life, just like Mr. Kaneshiro has been committed to He promoted the development of comics and contributed to the international exchange of comics."


Return to art, portray romantic feelings with "write love"


In the preface of the Jincheng Art Exhibition, Zhu Di, Director of the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, mentioned: "Jincheng is a very courageous and persevering person who has long been committed to promoting the development of China's animation industry. As early as the eighth of the last century, In the ten's, he became famous after publishing the comic book "Ming Girl" in the "Comic Pictorial", but instead of focusing on his personal creation, he resolutely turned and dedicated himself to promoting the development of the manga industry that was still at a disadvantage. He has successively founded a variety of animation and literary journals such as "Manyou", and initiated the creation of the "Golden Dragon Award" to discover and launch batches of new local comics. In recent years, he has once again retired from the industry and returned to art creation. His experience in seeking art is both tortuous and special, but also clear in context. Just as Lu Yushun, the executive vice president of the National Academy of Painting, commented on Jincheng's works:'The painting is endless but the meaning is endless'."


Wang Ze, the second-generation author of the famous manga "Old Master", said: "From the perspective of Jincheng's paintings, from the beginning to the most recent time, all I have seen are a chic and romantic person. We don't talk about style, technique, or any painting. Theories and rules are ever-changing. We only discuss the romance presented in Jincheng's paintings. What exactly is'romance'? As poets, script writers, dancers, musicians, and painters, this kind of romance is a must. This kind of romance means that I tell my own story in my pen. Although Jincheng's works have different themes and different eras, I have seen Jincheng's own story and his own romance."


Yao Guoqiang, the program director of the French Asian-European international film and television agency, recalls that he has known Jincheng for several years. He believes that the most typical characteristic of Jincheng is "romance". Yao Guoqiang said: "Only this romantic Chinese can bring Chinese cartoons to romantic Europe, and can integrate the Western "romantic" into his ink works." Yao Guoqiang at the seminar. He also wrote an impromptu poem for Jincheng: "It is wonderful to write about love in life, animation and creativity return to the golden dragon, the fourth generation of spring flowers record the best, today I hope Jincheng shines."


Unique aesthetics, freehand brushwork narrates the story of the times


Shang Hui, deputy director of the Art Theory Committee of the Chinese Artists Association, editor-in-chief of "Fine Arts", and PhD supervisor, said that when he reviewed Jincheng's 40-year art series, what caught his eye was the wonderful chapter of Jincheng's transition from comics and cartoons to Chinese painting. Shang Hui believes that "the independent aesthetic feature of Chinese painting is precisely that it can surpass the expression of the image of the picture through pen and ink. Freehand brushwork is not only the state of pen and ink, but also a kind of intuitive expression from pen and ink. Spiritual expression. In the picture book "My World in April and Sky", Jin Cheng's "First Encounter in England-A Girl from the Lin Family", "Some Days in Paris" and "A Quiet Time-Fragrant Mountain Pool", etc. In the paintings, the shapes and sceneries of the paintings through the use of dry and dark pen and ink are quite perfect, and the content of these pictures and the jump of the cut scenes are also similar to the combination of the lens of a film montage, full of narrative satisfaction. This shows that Jin Cheng has turned from comics and comic strips to Chinese paintings. He has already grasped the spirit of Chinese painting to express the characters in his heart. Indeed, the exhibition presents many characters he sketched freely with lines and ink. The momentary image captured in the original state of life not only retains the vivid mood of the characters on the scene, but also the virtual reality of the Chinese brush line, the straightforwardness of the sketch, the entanglement of the ink, etc., all make those seemingly random character captures have the painter's main body The expressive nature of the spirit also sublimed the sketch record of life to the individual creation of Chinese figure painting. However, this kind of Chinese figure painting creation is not a theme narrative, but a spiritual tension that can more express the freehand brushwork."


Speaking of Jincheng’s personal artistic creation, Chinese line drawing art master Zhan Zhongxiao summarized its characteristics mainly in four aspects: 1. He is very keen on the choice of painting themes, and is good at combining his own personal interests, hobbies, aesthetics and the pulse of the times, and society. It is required to be connected, and then given sufficient association and artistic treatment; Second, in the layout of the painting composition, he pays great attention to the distribution and interlacing of black and white, density, and lines needed to strengthen the theme, and pays attention to the creation of lyrical and artistic conception; Third, he In the use of painting colors, he pays attention to the overall coordination and coordination of tones, and often produces a special artistic effect of "colorlessness is better than color"; fourth, he knows how to use his own observation and combing ideas, Not letting go of the momentary aesthetic vision and feeling, naturally enriching the creation of the artistic conception and atmosphere of the picture.


Regarding Jincheng’s wonderful achievements in art, Liang Jiang, deputy director of the Theoretical Committee of the Chinese Artists Association and director of the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, gave his insights in simple terms: "Jincheng’s unique personality charm is reflected in his life. The journey is also shown in his works. Jincheng is a northerner with the unique honesty and straightforwardness of northerners. At the same time, he has worked hard in the south for many years, revealing the delicacy and wisdom of southerners. This characteristic is fully reflected in his In the works, we can see that his skill is very good, black and white and ink are handled well, and his modeling ability is very strong. At the same time, what is more commendable is the light emotion contained in ink. I think this is related to his experience. The era is closely related to the land on which it is based. Therefore, the success of Jincheng has not only the factors of the times, but also the influence of the environment, as well as personal abilities. The time and place are favorable and the people are harmonious, which has made the Jincheng today."


This academic seminar is a research and combing of Jincheng's art works and animation business, and it is also a full affirmation of his forty years of artistic creation practice spirit. Experts here have expressed that Jincheng’s 40-year splendid journey in the arts will inspire artists to create works that reflect the spirit of the times, respond to the call of the new era with artistic brushstrokes, and create “remember, spread, and retain” A masterpiece of art with the charm of the times. The "Golden City Art Exhibition" is currently on display at the Guangzhou Art Museum. The exhibition period ends on January 6, 2019. It is open to the general public for free, and citizens are welcome to visit.

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