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The First National Animation Art Exhibition: 2017 China Cartoon Marathon Creation Conference

(Summary description)2017.9.30

The First National Animation Art Exhibition: 2017 China Cartoon Marathon Creation Conference

(Summary description)2017.9.30



The First National Animation Art Exhibition: 2017 China Cartoon Marathon Creation Conference




289 Creative Industry Park





"Little Man Waist Adventure"

——24-hour comic marathon hand in 12 answer sheets



On the morning of September 30th, the first series of activities of the "First National Animation and Art Works Exhibition"-the 2017 Chinese Comic Marathon Creation Conference was successfully concluded in the 289 Art Park, Guangzhou Art Civic Space.


Twelve cartoonists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan created 12 comic stories with different styles in 24 hours under the theme of "Little Man Waist Adventure". The cartoonist Zhu Bin implemented his usual humorous and funny style and created a joke full of Xiaomanyao Journey, telling a series of hilarious funny incidents of comic characters on Xiaomanyao. The cartoonist Fei Zhi followed the sleek, soft and cute shape in his previous works, and transformed the small waist into a vivid and lovely cartoon image, describing the adventurous experience of this new image. Cartoonist Wang Huihui still maintains her delicate style and love of cats, creating a wonderful journey around the waist of a small man from the perspective of a cat.


After 24 hours of uninterrupted fighting, the cartoonists showed a heavy sense of exhaustion, and most of them yawned frequently or were in a state of closed eyes and meditation during interviews. Cartoonist Fei Zhi said in an interview that this challenging form of continuous creation is the most authentic portrayal of his usual work. He has become accustomed to this creative rhythm, but he hopes that the organizer can provide 24-hour takeaway next time. Service, because staying up late to create requires more care of food.


In addition to the offline exhibition of this event, the organizer also broadcasted the creation site through the Kuaikan Manga app from 8 to 10 pm on the 29th. For the first time, fans across the country saw the creation process of so many cartoonists simultaneously. , So enjoyable!


This challenging form of collective creation actually comes from the world’s largest comic exhibition-the French Angoulême International Comics Festival. In the annual Angoulême comics marathon, every cartoonist needs to be within 24 hours Complete a complete comic work according to the prescribed theme. This kind of creative activity entrusted with the Olympic spirit is the first in Guangzhou and even the whole country. Therefore, the live broadcast on the evening of the 29th also attracted the attention and interaction of many netizens across the country.


After the creative conference, Jin Cheng, deputy director of the Animation Art Committee of the China Artists Association and chairman of the Guangdong and Guangzhou Animation Artists Association, commented on the creative results completed in the conference and announced the "2017 China Comic Marathon Creation Conference Works Exhibition" Official opening.


Li Pengcheng, vice chairman of Guangdong Federation of Literary and Art Circles, party secretary and chairman of Guangzhou Literary and Art Federation, Li Lanfen, full-time vice chairman of Guangzhou Literary and Art Federation, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Li Pengcheng pointed out that holding this comic marathon creation activity will further promote the prosperity and development of Guangzhou animation art, and it is also an affirmation of Guangzhou animation art creation and industrial development. Li Lanfen said that the success of this comic marathon creation conference indicates that the "First National Animation Art Exhibition" is approaching. In December of this year, Guangzhou citizens will surely experience a large-scale and unprecedented professional animation art. Works exhibition.


The works exhibition of the 2017 China Comic Marathon Creation Conference will be open to citizens for free on September 30 and October 9 to October 14. Citizens are welcome to visit.

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