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Technology Abandoned by History:The Celluloid Animation

(Summary description)End. More is Coming.

Technology Abandoned by History:The Celluloid Animation

(Summary description)End. More is Coming.


Technology Abandoned by History:The Celluloid Animation



For the little friends who like to watch cartoons since childhood, watching cartoons by the TV every day must have become an indelible memory of childhood.

Recall the animations I have seen over the years. As digital animation production technology has become more advanced, the pictures are getting better and better, and the characters are drawn more and more refined.

The previous animated backgrounds with flashing spots, full of the ancient style of painting, have inadvertently faded out of our field of vision.

But memories will not be as cold as benefits, even if that era has passed, we still keep a feeling in our hearts.

In this feeling, there is the remote and glorious era of animation in the hearts of the post-80s and post-90s, and its creator is Celluloid.





Celluloid was originally named as a kind of plastic, and it was used to make animation negatives in early animation production. Such negatives were called celluloids.

Animators draw the character on celluloid and stack it on the paper with the drawn background, so that the character can perform various actions on the background.

Different from the computer paintings used in today's era, celluloid films need to be hand-painted in the whole process, the production process is cumbersome, and the celluloid film is often stained with some dirt (Cell Garbage) in the process.

It is these filths that make up the flickering spots of celluloid animation with a special sense of age.

Due to the characteristics of celluloid material, celluloid animation is also very different from today's digital animation in terms of screen performance. The ancient painting style that lacks bright colors but is very soft and beautiful is actually a unique product of the celluloid era.






Even today, many animation fans are still attracted by the charm of celluloid animation.

Maybe you still want to know more stories about celluloid animation, or maybe you want to appreciate the beauty of celluloid that spans time and space at a closer distance.


Now, the opportunity is here!

Animation maker will bring you "Animation! Technology abandoned by history? Celluloid animation! 》Live courses.



Not only can you learn about celluloid animation from the course, you also have the opportunity to get the super benefits from this flower!



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