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From Ink Painting · Japanese Touring Exhibition of Chinese Animation

(Summary description)Kobe: 2019.06.11-2019.06.16 Osaka: 2019.06.20-2019.07.03 Nara: 2019.07.09-2019.07.15

From Ink Painting · Japanese Touring Exhibition of Chinese Animation

(Summary description)Kobe: 2019.06.11-2019.06.16
Osaka: 2019.06.20-2019.07.03
Nara: 2019.07.09-2019.07.15



Osaka, Kobe, Nara


Exhibition time

Kobe: 2019.06.11-2019.06.16

Osaka: 2019.06.20-2019.07.03

Nara: 2019.07.09-2019.07.15



Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

State Administration of News, Radio and Television of the People's Republic of China

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan



Information Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province

Chinese Artists Association

China Television Artists Association





2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 41st anniversary of the conclusion of the China-Japan Friendship Treaty. As the G20 summit will be held in Osaka, Japan in June, the "Chinese Animation Tour to Japan" series of activities will also be held in Osaka at the same time. The content of the event includes "Chinese Animation Tour in Japan-From Ink Painting" tour exhibition, Chinese style animation film screening, dialogue between Chinese and Japanese animation masters, etc.

For a long time, the animation and cultural exchanges between China and Japan have been close, and the older generation of artists have left many good talks about friendly exchanges between the two sides. In the 1940s, the animated film "Princess Iron Fan" by the Wan Brothers also crossed the border and became the first animated feature film on the big screen in Japan. On the other hand, the animation "Catch the Turtle in the Urn" and the puppet "The Emperor's Dream" jointly completed by the Chinese artist Chen Boer and the Japanese animation expert Fang Ming (Chih Nagashito) have laid a solid foundation for the creation of animation in New China. Since the 1960s, "art films" represented by "A Harassment in Heaven" and "Nezha Nao to the Sea" have become world-renowned and have had a profound influence on the Japanese animation industry. And "Astro Boy with Iron Arms" created by Osamu Tezuka, who was once influenced by the Wan brothers, is the first series of cartoons on Chinese TV screens. To this day, a "group photo" of Monkey King and Astro Boy painted by Tezuka is still a treasure cherished by the Chinese animation industry and symbolizes the friendship between the two countries in the animation field.

The "Chinese Animation Tour to Japan" series of activities will be led by the best ink art in Chinese traditional and contemporary animation. His works include "Landscape Love", "Little Tadpoles Looking for Mother", "Muddie" and other "Chinese Animation Schools". Works, comics and comic strips include Feng Zikai's "The Willow Head on the Moon", Zhang Leping's "San Mao Wandering Story", He Youzhi's "Little Erhei Marriage", Wan Laiming's "Monkey Fishing for the Moon" and other century classics. At the same time, the new forces in the exhibition lineup are eye-catching. The representative works of new media comics, Lin Dihuan’s "Kobayashi Comics", and the backbone and new generations such as Tango, Laoshu, Nie Jun, A Geng, Yao Feila, Benjamin, and Zadao The works of cartoonists will be a bright spot in the exhibition.

Civilizations exchange due to diversity, mutual learning due to exchanges, and development due to mutual learning. From ink and wash, Chinese animation is increasingly adding new colors. We will use animation to tell the story of Chinese culture and the story of China's development, and listen to the voices of Japanese audiences with a sincere heart. We believe that the holding of the "China Animation Tour in Japan" series of activities will not only promote the development of animation and cultural exchanges between China and Japan, but will also use animation as a carrier to promote mutual understanding between people from all walks of life in the two countries, especially the younger generation, and make the friendship between the two peoples Animation has become more beautiful, allowing the friendship between the people of China and Japan to continue for generations.



"Monkey King" see you "Astro Boy" across the sea! JC Animation Museum assists Chinese animation in Japan


The "Chinese Animation Tour to Japan-From Ink Painting", co-sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the State Administration of Radio and Television of the People's Republic of China, and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan, will open in Osaka, Japan on June 22 At the same time, the curtain of a series of activities such as the dialogue forum between Chinese and Japanese animation masters and the screening of Chinese style animation films and TV films was opened. This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition of Chinese animation in Japan under the name of "national team". 136 Chinese animation works will tell Chinese stories in subtle artistic language.

The exhibition is executed by the Guangdong Animation Artists Association and the Guangzhou Animation Artists Association. The curatorial consultants are the director of the Chinese Artists Association, the deputy director of the Animation Art Committee, Jin Cheng, the founder of JC Animation Museum, and Lin Dihuan, the vice chairman of the Guangzhou Animation Artists Association. . The office of the exhibition organizing committee is located in Guangzhou JC Animation Hall.




Go all out, JC Animation Museum assists China Animation in Japan


This exhibition has received positive response and strong support from the Chinese animation industry. A total of 136 excellent animation boutiques with Chinese flavor, historical miniatures, and contemporary features were organized to be exhibited in Japan. It is the first systematic display of Chinese animation in Japan. JC Animation Museum is one of the "main players" of this exhibition. The more than 20 collections on display are a collection of comics from various periods and categories of Chinese animation art, such as Feng Zikai's "The Willow Head under the Moon" and Wan Laiming's "Monkey Fishing for the Moon" expresses the artist's romantic poetry with the charm of Chinese brush and ink;



Feng Zikai "Moon on Willow Head", Wan Laiming "Monkeys Grasp for the Moon"


Hua Junwu's "Determination" and Zhang Leping's "San Mao Wanderings" present the epitome of an era with humorous comic images;


Hua Junwu "Determination", Zhang Leping "San Mao Wanderings"


He Youzhi's "Little Erhei Marriage", Wang Hongli's "Fifteen Guans", Zhan Zhongxiao's "Arc Light Sparkling", and Zhao Hong's "Three Hits of the White Bone Essence" unfolded the highest level of art scrolls with delicate brushwork;



He Youzhi "Little Erhei Marriage", Zhan Zhongxiao "Arc Sparkle"


Wang Hongli's "Fifteen Guans", Zhao Hong's "Three Beats on the Bone"


Cai Zhizhong's "Fengshen Bang", Huang Yulang's "Legend of the Son of Heaven", and Wang Ze's "Old Master" show the beautiful value pursuit in contemporary popular culture in multiple forms of expression.


Cai Zhizhong "Honour of Gods"


Huang Yulang "Legend of the Son of Heaven", Wang Ze "Old Master"


A series of works with strong Chinese colors will give Japanese audiences a unique experience close to the depths of the Chinese people's emotions, and open a rich and colorful door for Japanese people to further understand Chinese animation and China.



"JC Story", Astro Boy has a "home" in China


On June 12, at the "Sino-Japanese Friendship Exchange Story Meeting" held in Osaka, Japan, Jin Cheng told about the century-old origins of Sino-Japanese animation and the "Japanese fate" in his animation life.


Jincheng speaks at the China-Japan Friendship Story Meeting


He recalled that he was deeply shocked after visiting and inspecting animation art landmarks all over Japan. In 2015, he founded China's first private animation museum-JC Animation Museum in Guangzhou, and wrote the book "A Manga Walk in Jincheng" at the same time.


JC Animation Hall


"A Manga Walk in Kinjo" is a best seller in Japan


The JC Animation Museum contains manuscripts of Chinese and foreign animation art works, celluloid films and various peripherals collected by Jincheng for more than 20 years. JC Animation Hall is also known as the "House of Animation Masters", among which the representative "God of Japanese Manga-Osamu Tezuka Special Zone" is a unique landscape of JC Animation Hall. This area displays the handwritten manuscripts and celluloids of Osamu Tezuka's "Astro Boy with Iron Arms", as well as the simplified Chinese version of "Astro Boy with Iron Arms" and "My Monkey King" authorized by Tezuka Production Co., Ltd. and introduced by Manyou Culture. Simplified Chinese version and other works. The photo of Tezuka Production Co., Ltd. Chairman Matsutani Takasho and the publisher Kaneshiro cutting the cake together is a beautiful footnote to the friendly cooperation between China and Japan. In 2018, Matsutani Takasaki once again came to Guangzhou to reunite with Jincheng at the JC Animation Hall. He praised Jincheng as "China's Tezuka Osamu".


At the launch ceremony of the simplified Chinese version of "Astro Boy", Matsutani Takasaki and Jin Cheng cut cakes together


The 18-volume Simplified Chinese version of "Astro Boy" in the JC Animation Collection


"JC Story" came through Jincheng's mouth. A wonderful movement of friendly exchanges between China and Japan in animation filled the city of Osaka in the breeze in June. The exhibition of "Chinese Animation in Japan-From Ink Painting" was exhibited. The opening of Osaka brought out a gentle and rich atmosphere.


Reunion warmly, "Monkey King" goodbye "Astro Boy"


The animation and cultural exchanges between China and Japan are close. The "Chinese love" of Osamu Tezuka, the "God of Japanese Animation", has become a good story in the animation industry in China and Japan. In 1940, the young Osamu Tezuka was watching Asia’s first feature-length animated film "Princess Iron Fan" directed by Wan Laiming and Wan Guchan. He determined to be engaged in the animation industry and created the world-famous anime masterpiece "Astro Boy" ". Osamu Tezuka treats Wan Laiming as a teacher. He once wrote the comic "My Monkey King" to pay tribute to the director of Wan Laiming's "A Harass in Heaven".


"The Monkey King" and "Astro Boy" by Osamu Tezuka


Osamu Tezuka came to China three times in his life to visit Wan Laiming. The cartoon of "Monkey Goku and Astro Boy" symbolizing the friendship between China and Japan was the animation design of "Haming to Heaven" when he visited Wan Laiming in 1979. Yan Dingxian created it together. And the friendship of "Astro Boy" who came to China three times to meet with "Monkey King" has continued to this day.


Wan Laiming shook hands with Osamu Tezuka


According to the organizing committee of "China Animation Japan Tour", with the support of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, this exhibition solicited the original work "Monkey Wukong and Astro Boy" to go to Japan for exhibition. "Monkey Wukong" will meet again "Ah! The important moment of "Tong Mu" will be presented warmly in Osaka. From "Astro Boy Sees Monkey King" to "Monkey Boy Seeing Astro Boy", this shows the intention of the exhibition's planning. In addition, on the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Takasaki Matsutani, Chairman of Tezuka Production Co., Ltd., will also attend and give a keynote speech at the forum together with Kinjo. I don't know what kind of touching scenes this pair of Chinese and Japanese "anime friends" will look forward to when they appreciate "Monkey Goku and Astro Boy Side by Side", which is worth looking forward to.


Tezuka Osamu "Mongoku and Astro Boy Side by Side" comic manuscript


The "Chinese Animation Tour in Japan-From Ink and Wash" exhibition will be on tour in Kobe, Osaka and Nara. Among them, Osaka Station will be exhibited in the lobby of TWIN21 Center, Chuo District, Osaka, Japan from June 20th to July 3rd, and the opening ceremony will be held on June 22nd. There will be a series of activities on the day such as the Sino-Japanese animation master dialogue forum, the Chinese style animation film and television show, the Sino-Japanese animation industry cooperation and talent exchange dialogue, the "New National Comic, Zhengfenghua" project signing ceremony and other activities.


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