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JC Cartoon Art Museu

JC Cartoon Art Museum, also called as the world of Animation & Comic Masters’Home, was established in 2015. 
We aim to provide a sound environment for academic research, animation activities, cartoon art collection, restoration, exhibition and publication. Meanwhile, we organize national and international exchange activities aperiodically. During this time, on the one hand, we have received many famous cartoonists all over the world so far, for example, Haruhiko Mikimoto. On the other hand, our Wechat Official Account Admin Platform Anime Artist had interviewed exclusively with some famous Japanese cartoonists, like Leiji Matsumoto and Itou Junji. 


JC Cartoon Art Museum is the first international animation art museum in China. These collections was collected by Jin Cheng in recent 20 years. In the museum, there are special areas for comics and animation from China, Europe, American, and Japanese. More than 95% of them are original manuscripts. 


The museum's collections have participated in many intenational exhibitions sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council, the Ministry of culture, the State Administration of radio, film and television, etc., such as the first China Animation Art Exhibition (2009 China Art Museum), "panorama of Chinese Comics - stories of Chinese people in the 20th century in comics" (2018 Belgian Museum of comics), and "China's comics in Japan: from ink and wash" (June 2019) Osaka, Nara, Kobe exhibition tour). JC Cartoon Art Museum is the only professional organization in the international exchange and cooperation of animation art in China.


It is located in Huaqiao new village of Guangzhou, with the areas of regular and special exhibition , art gallery and artist studio. The relevant organizations are Animator (Guangzhou) Education Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong anime Artists Association, Guangzhou anime Artists Association, etc.